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Patio veg from Dobies

Tomato Tumbling Bella. Picture; Dobies
Tomato Tumbling Bella. Picture; Dobies

Set of six veg for tiny gardens

Fancy growing your own vegetables but don’t have space? Think again with this collection of six from Dobies, perfect for a sunny spot.

They’ll all grow in pots and you have a mix of tomatoes, chillies, aubergines, cucumbers, courgettes and peppers.

Tomato Tumbling Bella

This prolific cropper will keep you in cherry-sized fruit from July to October. Compact and cascading, great to snack on, or use as you would your favourite cherry tomato.

The collection is ideal for window boxes, pots and containers or will fill a veg patch approximately 5m2.

Aubergine Patio Baby

Spineless, dark purple, baby-sized (8cm) aubergine fruit on compact 40-50cm tall plants, perfect for pots. Very early ripening variety, good to grow in the UK. Produces fruit all summer.

It can be grown in pots on a patio or greenhouse. AAS regional winner.

Courgette F1 Astia

A superb courgette, bearing a prolific crop of tasty, glossy, dark green fruits.

Cucumber Patio Snacker

Good flavour, crunchy and ‘non-bitter’ peel. It can be grown in larger containers. High yielding and continuous cropping.

Pepper Snackabelle

Produces a small (50-60cm) bushy plant that needs no training. Small (6 x 6cm) sweet bell peppers which ripen from green to red. Eat fresh, but fruit stands up to grilling and stuffing.

Best suited to container growing. It may need a small cane for support as all the fruit ripen. ‘Easy-out’ stem and seeds, simply push down or cut around the cap to release the seed
cavity for quick and easy cleaning.

Chilli Hot Fajita

Hot but not too hot, great in Mexican food. Typical red, chilli-shaped fruit. Waxy skinned fruit means they store for longer.

It can be grown in pots on a patio or greenhouse and has a SHU heat of 70,000.

Six Super Plugs (one of each £9.99), 12 Super Plugs £14.99, order now for delivery in May, visit www.dobies.co.uk.

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