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When everything is against your gardening plans

Conservatory blocked by rubbish and the kitchen floor!
Conservatory blocked by rubbish and the kitchen floor!

Blog: why weather, washers, flooring and legalities are upsetting my equilibrium…

I usually don’t mind this time of year. Plants are starting to peek through, growth speeds ahead in the conservatory and I’ve usually started sowing in the propagators with the grow lights on.

Everything is usually clean for the new growing season to minimise the risk of pests and diseases and there’s a feeling of optimism.

Not so this year. Obviously, after losing my mam and her long illness, the conservatory got the most basic of tidy-ups in autumn, while the poor greenhouse is still full of dead tomato plants with very green glass!

Desdemona bare root roses
Desdemona bare root roses

Now I’m ploughing through the horrible jobs of cleaning out her house and sorting out all the legalities that I’m really not suited for but as the only child and next of kin, I have to do.

It would have been nice to get into the conservatory and potter about but it’s out of bounds, as it’s a temporary home to the kitchen floor. We were one of the idiots who bought one of those Hotpoint washers that could catch fire.

Floored by inconvenience

We have got a nice shiny machine out of it but it meant having the flooring lifted by a contractor and we’re waiting for him to come back and put it all back down. Aagh!

Garlic poking through, February 7
Garlic poking through, February 7

I had hoped to get out this weekend and do some bits and pieces but Storm Dennis put paid to that.

Still, look on the bright side… my Desdemona roses from the kids arrived for my birthday (just a week late), so the solitary trial rose won’t look so lost.

I managed to plant garlic and tulips, both late, but just in time. I think this philosophy will have to get me through the first part of 2020. It’s a good job the cat stole my seeds!

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