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Grow your own peanuts from Lubera

Not Just Peanuts Justmore. Picture; Lubera
Not Just Peanuts Justmore. Picture; Lubera

Going nuts over these little award winners…

Best Novelty Bedding Plant at the IPM Essen Trade Show in Germany has been awarded to Lubera’s new peanut plant Justmore®!

Compared to other peanut varieties, Justmore’s pods are about 50 per cent longer and are prolific. The nuts are big and are one of the larger varieties Lubera offers. The seed coat is dark red, a little like Justblack.

In almost all varieties, pods tend to have two (or one) nuts. However, Justmore almost always has three (some have two and even four).

Interestingly, did you know the peanut isn’t a nut? Peanuts are technically a legume and thus botanically a vegetable.

Advantages of Justmore peanuts

Tolerance: Particularly robust against moist and cold weather.
• Yield: The yield is slightly lower than Justpink, but when planted in early May, you can expect 60+ pods per plant in September/early October, which yields almost 180 nuts.
• Planting: Early to mid-May; as this variety can also be harvested a little later in October, Justmore can also be planted until early June; initially upright, sparse growth, later branching.
• Harvest: From mid-September for early planting, early October for late planting.
• Special features: Justmore shows an above-average tolerance to late harvesting and humid weather. The foliage is still 50 per cent green even at the late harvest date around October 20, while most other varieties already have brown and grey foliage.

One strong plant in a 1.3l pot costs £5.40; a set of three costs £14.40 and six are priced at £27.40. These plants will be available from www.lubera.co.uk from May.

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