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Plant pot that tells you when it wants water

WaterMe pots. Picture; Darlac
WaterMe pots. Picture; Darlac

Cute or sophisticated designs ideal for kids and beginners!

Want to grow plants but can’t get the hang of watering? It’s no longer a problem now that Darlac has launched its new WaterMe pot.

The container can tell you when more water should be added to the reservoir through a water level indicator.

The indicator will show when the reservoir is full and when it needs topping up so that plants are kept in the best of health.

The pot is available in two designs – a fun black owl design and a more sophisticated light grey water drop version and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Cutting-edge watering

Managing director Tim Jeffries said: “Although we are well-known for our cutting tools, we also offer an innovative and quality range of watering equipment.

“We have a reputation of introducing novel products and the WaterMe pot certainly fits the criteria and forms part of our Smart Watering range.

“Our pre-launch tests and research received great feedback and we really think this practical and fun product will be great for the new environmentally-aware generation to contain their houseplants greening up the living area or for patio plants.”

The WaterMe pot has a suggested retail price of £14.99. For more information, visit www.darlac.com.

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