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Johnsons new compostable plant labels

Dill Nano. Picture; Johnsons
Dill Nano. Picture; Mr Fothergill's

Plastic care labels on seed packets to be phased out

Johnsons Seeds has started to replace its plastic plant labels on the back of its standard packets with a compostable version.

Made from 100 per cent renewable FSC certified material, the new label has been produced using highly sustainable methods.

Johnsons brand manager Helen Clayton said: “As a brand, we are committed to reducing our use of plastics wherever we can and switching our plant label over to this compostable material will go a long way to help.

“We know our customers are increasingly concerned about their own impact on the environment and what changes they can individually make, so this will be welcome news.”

Compostable plant label. Picture; Johnsons
Compostable plant label. Picture; Johnsons

Good performance outdoors

The new labels have been tested by the Johnsons team in Kentford and their trials have shown that the compostable material performs just as well as the plastic label outdoors.

As it’s fully compostable, the material will break down in the soil and eventually be absorbed.

Whilst some Johnsons packets will still have the plastic version for a while until stocks have run through, customers can expect to start seeing the compostable label this season. In the meantime, the plastic labels can be recycled after use.

For more information on Johnsons, visit www.johnsons-seeds.com.

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