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Flower and foliage plug plants from Dobies

Coleus Velvet Luxe. Picture; Dobies
Coleus Velvet Luxe. Picture; Dobies

Eye-popping flower and foliage colour in easy-to-grow plugs

Stoke your pots and beds with rich shades this summer with various plug plants from Dobies – my favourite is without a doubt this sublime Coleus mix!

Coleus Velvet Luxe

Coleus, that star of the 1970s, is back in fashion, used as a backdrop to bedding and in exotic, jungle settings. Create a backdrop of luscious leaves, rich in colour with striking patterns and velvety texture.

Available in Chocolate Mint, Crimson Gold and Chocolate Covered Cherry, these eye-catching blends are well-suited to borders and large containers. Professional landscapers adore these plants for their appearance and reliability.

Code 265359, £9.99 for 15 garden-ready plugs, order now for mi-May delivery.

Sweet Pea Night Sky

With delicate and fragrant flowers in shimmering shades of purple and white, sweet pea Night Sky is a flake variety which also makes a stunning cut flower.

Code 265383, 12 garden-ready plugs, £11.99, order now for mid-May delivery.

Petunia Fiona Flash

Petunia Sweetunia Fiona Flash has velvety red blooms with a burgundy splash that radiates outwards from the centre of each flower.

Compact with trailing stems, it is suitable for beds, baskets, window boxes or patio pots, flowering from June to early October.

6 Super Plugs code 265165, £8.25; 3 x 9 cm potted plants code 265204, £8, order now for delivery May/June.

Calibrachoa Blueberry Scone

Blueberry Scone is a colour contrast of yellow, purple and blue which looks great on patios or in hanging baskets.

The striking flowers will provide an ever-changing display from June to October. Calibrachoa Blueberry Scone can trail up to half a metre.

6 x Super Plugs code 265386 £8.99, order now for delivery mid-April.

Osteospermum Akila Sunset Shades

It’s no surprise this is an international award winner! A beautiful well-branched plant featuring a gorgeous new mix of sunset shades from June to September. Once established, it’s drought-tolerant, too.

Code 265362, 15 garden-ready plugs, £11.99; code 265363, 30 garden-ready plugs, £15.99, order now for delivery in May.

Dianthus Pink to White. Picture; Dobies
Dianthus Pink to White. Picture; Dobies

Dianthus Pink to White

Also known as pinks, these frilly favourites live up to their name with an array of beautiful tones. Pink to White changes colour from pretty bubblegum pink to pure white.

The spicy scent of Dianthus is wonderful and it blooms from June to September, perfect for borders or containers.

Code 265364, 6 x Super Plugs, £8.99, order now for delivery mid-April.

For more information, visit www.dobies.co.uk.

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