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Plantsurge: magnetising water to boost plant growth

Orchids trial. Picture; PlantSurge
Orchids trial. Picture; PlantSurge

Review: Scientists aren’t sure how it works but as long as it does, who cares?

This is the first of my product reviews from 2020’s Garden Press Event and this one intrigued me. I’ll be testing it out this season on a group of potted cannas, some with magnetised water and some with ordinary tap water.

According to its makers, the Ecocamel Plantsurge mimics the effect of thunderstorm rainwater by using magnetic technology to energise water. Field studies and independent plant trials showed that water treated with Plantsurge produced more abundant flowers than tap water, showed increased foliage and stronger, healthier-looking plants.

Scientists can’t completely explain how magnetised water really works to improve plant growth. However, they do agree that magnetic energy fields can affect the bonding angle between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water molecules, causing the molecules to cluster together in small groups.

Experts think this could increase hydration into the root system and improve nutrient levels.

Year-long money-back guarantee

Testimonies and plant trials have proved that Plantsurge is beneficial to plants and if you’re not happy, there’s a 365-day full money-back guarantee.

Plantsurge also prevents limescale build-up in hard water areas, something I’m very interested to report on. It’s going to boost lime-haters like camellias, rhododendrons and blueberries. There are no added chemicals, so it’s perfect for organic gardeners.

One trial by Ben Wild, owner of Wild Greens Farm, whose company grows microgreens and edible flowers, noticed that his violas flowered seven days faster with larger petals five weeks after clipping a Plantsurge to his water pipe compared to normal tap water.

Following up on these results, product comparison independent testing company Sow Successful, owned by Chris Wiley, trialled Plantsurge with violas and found the same results – full results are available from customerservices@ecocamel.com.

Easy to fit

Plantsurge is easy to fit, just clip it onto a 15mm metal water pipe or plastic garden hose in under 15 seconds – no pipes to cut, no electricity required, no corrosive salts are added to the water system and there are no running costs or maintenance.

If you want to water houseplants, clip it on to the cold-water pipe under your kitchen sink. For outdoor watering, clip to pipe on the outside cold-water tap or a plastic garden hose.

Water will stay magnetised for up to 100 hours, which means you can use it in watering cans or containers.

Units cost £29.95 each, visit www.plantsurge.com.

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