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Woodlodge: charity pots for Mind and Cool Earth

Mindful pots. Picture; Woodlodge
Mindful pots. Picture; Woodlodge

Mindful planters and Bamboo Pottery Collection

I was stopped in my tracks by these two collections by Woodlodge at the Garden Press Event and was lucky enough to be given a small Mindful planter to bring home… no mean feat on a train back to Newcastle!

Mindful plant pots

Woodlodge’s range of plant pots in aid of mental health charity Mind help bring nature’s benefits into everyday life. The different faces represent the positive feeling people experience whilst gardening – happiness, contentment and curiosity.

The company is donating £19,000 from the sale of the range to Mind, so the charity will be able to continue providing vital services like Infoline. This allows people with mental health problems to make their own choices and access the treatment and support that is right for them.

The Mindful planters are available in three sizes and two colours, grey and taupe. The 17cm pot costs £9.99, 25cm is £17.99 and the 37cm is £29.99.

Cool Earth bamboo pots. Picture; Woodlodge
Cool Earth bamboo pots. Picture; Woodlodge

Bamboo Pottery Collection

You won’t believe these pots are partly made from bamboo! It’s a highly sustainable crop as it grows very fast and needs minimal care without using chemical pesticides.

All of the pots are bio sustainable as they are made of a mixture of bamboo fibres and other agricultural waste like coffee beans and wheat shells.

A small amount of fossil-based resin makes the pots strong and lightweight. Woodlodge strives to make the resin from agricultural material, future-proofing products to be completely recyclable and biodegradable.

The sale of these pots supports Cool Earth, the charity that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. Cool Earth is working to break the cycle of local poverty, forest degradation and deforestation in rainforests around the world.

The pots are available in round and square shapes in black, grey and natural.

  • Round pots: 30cm costs £19.99, 25cm is £12.99.
  • Square pots: 30cm costs £39.99, 26cm is £29.99 and 23cm is £24.99.

For more information on Woodlodge’s extensive ranges, visit www.woodlodge.co.uk.

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