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Burgon & Ball: new gardening tools and sundries

Sophie Conran ticking stripe bag. Picture; Burgon & Ball
Sophie Conran ticking stripe bag. Picture; Burgon & Ball

Houseplants still hot; additions to ranges

Burgon & Ball is one of my favourite stop-offs at the Garden Press Event – the company’s range of tools and gardening sundries and accessories is so diverse, there is always something to catch the eye. Here are the new products unveiled at the event:

Indoor gardening range

A key look is the ‘jungalow’ home, where plants drip from every surface and hang from aerial pots. The Baby Dotty pots now come in a trio (£19.99) in a gift box. Each pot features a dip glaze in aqua, petrol blue and greige.

Also perfect for displaying houseplants, the new Malibu indoor pots (£5.99-£19.99) feature an understated speckled glaze in soft blue, green or cream. Each pot narrows at the base to a faux ’stand’ in a contrast colour.

Another essential interiors look is is Boho Eclectic, which develops the vogue for everything vintage. Nothing says ‘boho’ more than macramé, and the two new macramé hangers (£8.99-£9.99) make it easy to get the look.

The new San Francisco glazed pot (£8.99) features raised dots and dashes to lift the design from a subtle finely-speckled glaze. The neutral shades temper the densely-textured design. There’s also an air plant dish (£4.99).

Finally, the new Fuji Japanese flower arranging bowl (£9.99) is ideal for ikebana, or Japanese flower arranging. Supplied with a sturdy metal Kenzan spike (or ‘Frog’). It was shortlisted in the Gift of the Year Awards 2020.

Sophie Conran range

Taking centre stage in the new line-up are the large tools joining the Sophie Conran range; a digging fork and digging spade (£39.99 each), a lopper (£34.99) and a hedge shear (£34.99), created to make gardening easier for gardeners of smaller stature.

The spade and fork have T-grip handles, making it easy to use a double-handed grip. Both tools are slightly shorter, which also keeps weight to a minimum.

The hedge shear and lopper feature drop-forged high-carbon steel blades, lightweight FSC ash handles with ergonomic grips.

In hand tools, there’s a new polished topiary shear (£29.99), with all-steel construction and simple brass lock. A long, thin trowel (£17.99) is ideal for planting, digging, and weeding. An ultra-slim pocket knife (£12.99) is perfect for a smaller hand.

The striped ticking fabric accessories range has expanded, now with a full gardener’s apron (£27.99), a tool bag (£24.99) and a garden kneeler (£19.99).

New additions in the wild bird care selection are ceramic birdseed feeders (£14.99) and fat ball feeders (£7.99), in the shape of pears and pomegranates.

National Trust range of tools. Picture; Burgon & Ball
National Trust range of tools. Picture; Burgon & Ball

National Trust range

Burgon & Ball has launched a new licensed range of tools in collaboration with the National Trust, with a percentage of revenue from sales supporting the charity’s conservation work.

The range consists of a core gardening tool set: digging spade; digging fork; trowel; hand fork; round-tined fork; claw cultivator; patio weeding knife; dibber; lopper; hedge shear; topiary shear; bypass secateur and pocket knife.

The tools are crafted largely in high-carbon steel, with dark wood and touches of brass carrying the joint National Trust and Burgon & Ball logo. Many traditional manufacturing processes, little-seen today, are used to create the tools, combined with environmental concerns in mind – FSC®-certifed hardwood handles, recyclable card packaging and vegetable-based inks.

Prices range from £8.99 to £34.99, available to buy in garden centres, National Trust shops and online at www.burgonandball.com and nationaltrust.org.uk.

RHS-endorsed range

This season there’s a new collection of RHS-endorsed tools for wood cutting: axes, a log-splitting maul, and a log-splitting grenade.

Traditionally crafted, these heavy-duty tools have high-carbon steel tool heads that are drop forged, lending enhanced strength and edge retention. Flared handle ends aid grip retention for greater strike impact. Traditional FSC® hickory wood handles bring outstanding shock absorption and buffalo hide pouches protect the sharpened tool heads.

The hatchet axe (£19.99) weighs just 600g for single-handed use. It’s ideal for splitting logs for kindling. There’s a chopping axe (£34.99), a larger two-handed axe, weighing in at 1.15kg, useful for splitting firewood into manageable pieces.

The log-splitting maul (£49.99) has a heavy broad head combining an axe blade with a hammer head, an all-rounder for splitting wood, at 2kg, making short work of splitting logs.

A sledgehammer (£34.99) is useful for a variety of wood chopping and splitting tasks, with a robust 3.2kg head in high-carbon steel.

A log-splitting grenade (£11.99) weighs 1.6kg, forged in high-carbon steel.

There’s also an RHS-endorsed lawn scarifying rake (£39.99) making its debut, designed to easily remove any thatch (dead grass and moss) from the lawn, allowing more air and water to reach the roots for a healthier, lusher lawn.

The stainless steel of this rake is extremely resistant to rust and the long, lightweight handle in FSC®certified hardwood eliminates stooping to keep backache at bay.

Finally, there is a left-handed bypass secateur (£19.99) in response to customer requests, with a durable high-carbon steel blade gives lasting sharpness, while robust alloy handles give lightweight strength. Perfect for general pruning and for cutting live green growth up to 2.5cm diameter.

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