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Grow Some Sunshine campaign: how to sow your seeds

I’ve donated in National Gardening Week – honour our NHS workers too!

Glad to say I’ve made my donation now and waiting for my seeds to arrive – the other two members of my household will be planting them!

The Grow Some Sunshine campaign is about bringing families and communities together by growing a nationwide crop of Pike’s Peak sunflowers with seeds donated by Burpee Europe in honour of our brave NHS and essential workers.

To help those who have received their seeds, co-organiser David Hurrion has posted a How To Sow Some Sunshine video on YouTube – youtube.com/davidhurrion – for growing tips.

Sunflower Pike's Peak. Picture; Burpee Europe
Sunflower Pike’s Peak. Picture; Burpee Europe

Keep tuned in for more tips

Subscribe to the channel and you’ll get updates of more Grow Some Sunshine growing and planting tips during the next few weeks.

As well as recognising the huge effort made by the NHS and essential workers and raising money by the Crowdfunding campaign, the flowers will serve as a beacon of hope for the end of the pandemic and make the country smile!

And don’t forget to get involved on social media by joining our dedicated Facebook Group – where you can share your growing success and pictures and use the hashtag #GrowSomeSunshine!

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