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Online searches for gardening topics soar during lockdown

Figures rocket for online searches related to gardening during lockdown
Figures rocket for online searches related to gardening during lockdown

Figures up by as much as 809 per cent as nation turns to horticulture

We’ve all been aware of the rise in gardening’s popularity during lockdown, even for those people who’ve never grown anything before.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been looking for jobs to do and enjoy the wonderful spring sunshine we’ve had, so gardening has provided the ideal solution to help physical and mental health.

Honest Communications, which specialises in PR and communications for gardening and home brands, has seen the impact of this, with clients seeing sales increase since the pandemic began.

Gardening search term graphThe agency has also found that Google search volumes for gardening in the UK have also drastically increased in the past two months.

Google searches for the phrase ‘gardening for beginners’ were 81 per cent higher in March this year than they were in March 2019. In April, the year-on-year increase grew to 184 per cent.

‘Uplift in sales’

Holly Daulby, managing director of Honest Communications, said: “Our clients in the gardening sector have really seen an uplift in sales in recent times with gardening becoming a more popular pastime than ever before.

“The online search data, particularly with searches around growing food and composting, suggest that people are looking for ways to become more self-sufficient.

Compost search term graph“We’ve seen this in particular with Vegepod and Aerobin which both provide products for self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyles and growing your own food.”

More specifically, searches for compost were 809 per cent higher this April than they were in April 2019.

Aerobin Hot Composters sold out on pre-orders alone with people seeking new ways of composting waste with garden waste bin collections being cancelled across the country. Hot composting completes what is normally a six month to two-year process in as little as 12 weeks.

‘Demand has been incredible’

Mark Robinson, from Aerobin, said: “The demand for our Aerobin Hot Composters has been incredible.

Grow your own food search term graph“Councils are beginning to charge for garden waste removal, or aren’t taking it away at all, so people are looking for a sustainable way to get rid of their garden and food waste.”

In March, there was a 420 per cent spike in searches for ‘how to grow your own food’ versus March 2019, which changed to a, still higher than usual, 180 per cent increase for April year-on-year. This perhaps suggests that during the pre-lockdown phase people were searching for means of self-sufficiency.

One retailer to notice this is Hillier Garden Centres, which saw vegetable seed sales across March and April rise by almost 20 per cent year-on-year, despite the centres being closed for most of this period as well having two weeks where there were no sales at all.

Vegepod has brought forward the launch of its new Vegebag, which has been shortlisted for the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year Award. The bag is ideal for gardeners with small spaces and means that even those with a small balcony can start growing their own food.

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