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Self-watering tomato pots from elho

Tomato pot and Veggie Wall. Picture; ehlo
Tomato pot and Veggie Wall. Picture; elho

Making growing your own delicious produce even easier in British Tomato Fortnight

It’s British Tomato Fortnight (May 25-June 7), which celebrates all that is best in our home-grown produce and aims to encourage us to seek out and buy British tomatoes.

To help make growing your own crop easier, elho has some ingenious tomato pots. A Dutch family business, elho produces sustainable design pots and have been doing so for 55 years. 

The tomato pot (£24.99) has a built-in support to help tomato plants grow tall – no more unsightly canes! It also features a water reservoir, so tomatoes can be easily cared for and kept optimally watered.

Recycled plastic

The 33cm pot is created with nature in mind and made with recycled plastic and wind energy.

New this year is the Veggie Wall (£59.99), an all-in-one solution that is ideal for growing tomatoes, as well as other fruits, vegetables and flowers that could use some help with vertical growth. (I’m trialling this, so more on it later.)

The large pot with a 10-litre water reservoir has its own 125cm trellis to give support and height for taller plants. Made with recycled materials, this growing system is the easiest and greenest way to help plants grow towards the sun which need support.

The elho range also features grow houses and grow trays in various sizes to aid propagation of fruit and vegetable plants, as well as LED plant lights to help give them a further boost.
For more information visit www.elho.com.

british tomato fortnight 2020Why go for British tomatoes?

British tomato crops have to be grown under glass, which provides a protective and warm environment, meaning fewer pests, fewer pesticides, and less uncertainty as to what you are actually eating.

Four out of five tomatoes now eaten in the UK are imported. Crops grown in the UK are increasing in quality, reducing the need for importing overseas crops.

Tomatoes are high in vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and natural pigments – a superfood snack!

For recipes and more information visit www.britishtomatoes.co.uk.

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