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Burpee tomatoes taste test

Burpee tomato taste test
Before being scoffed... Burpee tomatos taste test

Blog: Which of the four varieties was the runaway winner?

It’s not often you get a box of ripe tomatoes sent through the post but that’s what landed on the doormat this week from Burpee Europe.

Packed in straw and arriving safe and sound were the firm’s four varieties to be tasted:

Veranda Red F1: A dwarf patio type suitable for small containers and hanging baskets. The red cherry fruit is ideal for a smaller garden or balcony. (More about this one here.)

Cocktail Crush F1: A blight-resistant cordon type. This salad tomato will grow outside or in a greenhouse, in pots or open ground.

Honeycomb F1: A Yorkshire-bred orange cherry cordon. (More about this one here.)

Nagina F1: A blight-resistant medium plum tomato with a good yield. An early ripening cordon type, suitable for greenhouse growing or a sunny spot outdoors.

The taste test verdict

Taking part in a safe lockdown matter were the members of my household – partner Gary, daughter Vanessa and me. It was interesting to have a young ‘un involved – did you know our tastebuds die off continually as we age? That’s why food ‘isn’t as good as when we were young’ is the constant complaint of those getting on a bit!

The winner by a country mile was Honeycomb – placed first by all of us – a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity and as described in the literature: “Very high sweetness and aromatics with an aftertaste of honey”. This is one of the best tomatoes any of us has ever tasted and, dare I say it, better than the old classic Sungold?

Second was Cocktail Crush. Described as having a tangy, rich flavour, it was preferred by Gary and me (who placed it second) but Vanessa placed it third.

Third was Veranda Red, which split all of us, Vanessa rated it second, I placed it third and Gary fourth. It’s described as having ‘an outstanding flavour for its type’. Maybe our older tastebuds didn’t appreciate it as well as Vanessa, who really liked it.

Last came Nagina. Vanessa and I both rated it fourth, although Gary gave it third place. It has a ‘sweet and tangy flavour’, according to the press release. I didn’t expect it to be the best in a taste test – I would use plum tomatoes for cooking, where their flavour will intensify and it’s a lot better than any other plum I’ve grown.

Burpee Europe don’t sell directly to the public but you can find their varieties through many seed retailers. For more information, visit www.burpeeeurope.com.

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