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On trial: Aloe Safari Sunrise and tomato Rubylicious from Thompson & Morgan

Tomato Rubylicious. Picture; Thompson & Morgan
Tomato Rubylicious. Picture; Thompson & Morgan

Plants that are not all that they seem…

Another of my posts from the Garden Press Event – this time I’m focusing on two plants I’ll be trialling later this season, so I’ll report back on how they are doing.

Aloe Safari Sunrise

We’re used to growing Aloes indoors but this new variety makes a great patio plant. The spiky, dark green foliage forms a rounded, evergreen clump, providing year-round interest. Pointed, bicolour flower spikes of orange-pink and cream, like glowing candles keep coming all summer.

Ideal in a patio pot or in a well-drained, sunny rockery. It is hardy but is best moved to a sheltered, dry and frost-free place with a minimum temperature of 2ºC for overwintering, to prevent damage from cold, wet weather.

Safari Sunrise will also be happy all year in a conservatory or a cold greenhouse. Height and spread 90cm.

1 x 9cm potted aloe plant (kb4736) £12.99, www.thompson-morgan.com.

Aloe Safari Sunrise. Picture; Thompson & Morgan
Aloe Safari Sunrise. Picture; Thompson & Morgan

Tomato Rubylicious

This new cherry tomato is a blend of modern disease resistance and good, old fashioned flavour! Rubylicious has superb blight resistance and an incredible sweetness to its rich, tangy flavour. Each truss produces up to 12 orangey-red, cherry tomatoes weighing about 15g per fruit.

This indeterminate (cordon) variety is perfect for containers or planters in the greenhouse or on the patio, but can also be planted in a sunny spot in the garden. Height 2m, 3 tomato Postiplug plants (KB4126) £7.99, www.thompson-morgan.com.

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