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Darlac’s Take-Anywhere Tap for just over a tenner

The Hose-End Tap. Picture; Darlac
The Hose-End Tap. Picture; Darlac

Innovative best-seller has Darlac flushed with success!

The hot, dry spring has seen a tidal wave of orders for products that make watering easier for gardeners for one retailer, with sales quadrupling.

Garden tools and irrigation specialists Darlac has seen sales of sprays, sprinklers, timers and fittings shoot up but the best-seller was a surprise – The Hose-End Tap, or as the company has named it, the ‘Take-Anywhere Tap’.

It can be screwed onto a post, wall, or any other out-building, then simply attach the hose from your mains supply back at the house, and you instantly have a tap.

Great if you have a summer house halfway down the garden or if you just want to fill up the kettle for that much-needed cuppa!

It is great for use in stables or can be used by a builder for mixing cement.

Nelson approves! Picture; Darlac
Nelson approves! Picture; Darlac

Solid brass

The solid brass construction includes a push-fit outlet for easy hosepipe connection alongside a ¾ inch threaded outlet, so it works perfectly with multi-way manifolds.

The Take-Anywhere Tap can also be used with a two- or four-way splitter for greater versatility and it will even accommodate a water timer in summer.

Darlac Managing Director Tim Jeffries said: “Sales of our watering products have been flying since garden centres reopened in May.

“Spray guns have been popular but the Take-Anywhere Tap’s popularity has been astounding – we’ve had to ration supplies to retailers while we make more stock!”

The Hose-End Tap costs £10.99, available in good garden centres nationwide.

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