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Hydrangea Zorro, July 24
Hydrangea Zorro, July 24

Blog: A month of uninspiring weather…

July’s been a bit of a disappointment – mostly cool, cloudy, more rain than usual (at least that cut down on watering). However, the weather did liven up with a spate of gales near the end of the month, followed by one blisteringly hot day on the 31st, which will obviously be our summer.

Ah well, here are the highlights from my plot…


It’s the month where everything should be at its best. SHOULD be. There’s a distinct lack of annuals here – apart from self-seeded ones – my sunflowers and Californian poppies have really struggled.

Hopefully, they’ll pick up in August, or I may pull out their weedy bodies in a fit of anger and cover the bare soil with pots.

The roses are in a bit of a lull after the first flush, so they need to get their act together. However, highlights have been the water lily finally doing its thing and a good show by Fuchsia Rufus the Red and dahlia New Baby.

Heucheras have been extraordinarily good, thanks to my trial of Nemasys which has kept them free from vine weevil attack.


I’m getting some crops now – the tomatoes have started to ripen, as have the chillies. There are plenty kale leaves to pick and the dwarf onions (I crammed them in, so they won’t grow to full size) are lovely.

The weird white carrots are starting to fill out (taste good though) and the first courgette is nearly ready, much to the family’s horror.

It’s been a great year for fruit, with loads of blackcurrants, strawberries and masses of apricots nearly ripe. There are loads of apples too – one huge brach was snapped in the recent gales.

Of course, there has to be a massive failure or two – the cucamelons died off (I blame dodgy potting compost) and these have been replaced by watermelon Mini Love but I fear far too late to get a crop.

The garlic all but disappeared, swamped by the bloody golden hop. I have a real love-hate relationship with that climber – beautiful but a bully boy and brings me out in a horrible rash!

The tomatillos have just started to flower but we’ll need some really hot weather to get them to set fruit here.

General views

It’s all about filling the bits that haven’t worked well with pots of faithful performers and show-stoppers like the two ginger plants, Coleus and the bananas – although the gales later on in the month nearly did for them!


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