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Why you should buy spring bulbs in summer for early season colour

Flame tulip, May 1
Flame tulip, May 1

First rule of gardening for new gardeners – plan ahead to get what you want!

It’s very common for people to pack up their gardens for winter as early as the August bank holiday weekend – my advice is – DON’T!

One of the joys of gardening for me is that it’s something you can do all year. Even when the weather is totally rotten, you can sit down with a glass of what you fancy in a comfy chair and pick your dream plants for the future.

However, that’s not just a winter job. For the best spring bulbs, corms and tubers (don’t worry, they’re all basically a swollen root that stores food) in the colours and sizes that you want, you need to be perusing the bulb catalogues, online stores and your local garden centres now. They’ll already be in stock.

Daffodil Sweetness
Daffodil Sweetness

Lift your spirits all year round

When you’re still enjoying your summer garden, it can be very easy to take your eye off the ball – but what will be left to lift your spirits by late winter?

Ordering now and planting bulbs from September to December, or in spring, depending on the type, means you’ll have precious colour and scent at what is a really hard time of the year for some.

A little bit of work during the next few months will mean a wonderful welcoming display during the dark days. Even a few bulbs in a pot by your back door will raise the spirits.

What to plant and when

For more information on spring-flowering bulbs, visit my guide here. Ashridge Nurseries have an excellent selection to order online – www.ashridgetrees.co.uk.


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