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Suttons Seeds: sales up 2,500% on some days during lockdown

Lettuce Seed Mix growing in recycled bottles. Picture; Suttons
Lettuce Seed Mix growing in recycled bottles. Picture; Suttons

Company’s results – 100 million lettuce, 25 million herb and 15 million beetroot seeds sown from March 23-July 4

We all knew most online seed and plant suppliers received a huge boost in business during lockdown but it’s only now that Suttons has released its sales figures that we can see how huge it was.

During lockdown, from March 23 to July 4, the firm’s data has shown that Brits sowed 100 million lettuces, 25 million herbs and more than 15 million beetroot.

Seed sales saw growth of 2,500 per cent on some days during lockdown, with nearly 80 per cent of all packets sold during this time being vegetable seeds.

Beetroot Boltardy. Picture; Suttons
Beetroot Boltardy. Picture; Suttons

With traditional gardeners typically buying their seeds early in the year, these figures highlight how lockdown encouraged traditional gardeners to grow more and inspired many people to take up gardening.

Highlights of Sutton’s veg seed sales during lockdown

100 million Lettuce seeds       Best Seller: Lettuce Seed Mix: 22 million seeds sold
15 million Beetroot seeds        Best Seller: Boltardy Beetroot 3.5 million seeds sold   
25 million Herb seeds            Best Seller: Coriander seed mix 1.5 million seeds sold


The Lettuce Seed Mix is a blend of Cos, red-tinged Batavia and oak-leaf varieties, easy to grow on a sunny windowsill, patio or balcony.

You can get up to three crops from the same sowing and leaves are ready in just 3 weeks. Sown between April and August, lettuces can be harvested between May and October.

Coriander. Picture; Suttons
Coriander. Picture; Suttons

Boltardy beetroot is an easy crop, ideal for beginners. Being an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, the seeds produce a great yield of deep red, globe-shaped roots with excellent flavour, packed full of essential nutrients such as potassium and folate.

Boost for coriander

Adding a touch of spice to soups and salsas, coriander is an essential ingredient in Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian dishes.

A relative of parsley, carrots and celery, coriander is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and antioxidants.

Lettuce Seed Mix. Picture; Suttons
Lettuce Seed Mix. Picture; Suttons

Suttons managing director David Robinson said: “Suttons was built on providing seeds for gardeners and during lockdown, we’ve seen the trend shift towards sowing vegetable seeds.

“In an increasingly developed and technologically driven world, we’ve seen customers taking solace in their gardens, reconnecting with nature and rediscovering the basic urge to provide their own food.”

For more information visit www.suttons.co.uk.


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