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My garden in pictures September

Rose Leah Tutu, Sept 17
Rose Leah Tutu, Sept 17

Blog: Autumn’s upon us already – our heating’s coming on!

I always find September a melancholy month – in October, it’s properly autumn and I’m ready to cope with it. However, I cling on to the hope of an Indian summer and am nearly always disappointed.

True, we had about three warm, sunny days but any memory of them is blotted out by the torrential rain followed by two days of very early northerly gales at the end of last week.

Anyway, here are the highlights…


There’s been a lot of late-season colour, boosted by a few (ahem) new buys focusing on foliage to boost the leaf shapes and textures mostly in the winter garden and a bit of perfume.

The newcomers are curry plant Korma, Melianthus (honey bush), Chamaecyparis obtusa Gitte (Hinoki Cypress), Viburnum x bodnantense Dawn, Sarcoccocca obtusa (sweet box) and Astilboides tabularis (shieldleaf Rodgersia).


The outdoor season’s ended early for the likes of the bananas and ginger, which had to be unceremoniously dumped in the greenhouse to save them from chilly nights. Now they’re on their way upstairs to their permanent winter positions in the conservatory. For more on overwintering tender plants. click here.

The geraniums, Cannas, dahlias and Agapanthus are pretty sheltered but they’ll be coming in this week before any damage is done, I’ll bet.


We’re still overrun by courgettes and apples – shame the gales blew off a crateload of apples before I could even unwrap my telescopic picker!

The raspberries are still ticking over but the tomatoes are finished in the conservatory (still going in the greenhouse). I blame this poor harvest squarely on the compost I used – I’m not naming names but I won’t be using it again.

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