Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Mandy Watson is a freelance journalist and an incurable plantaholic. MandyCanUDigIt grew from the tiny seed of a Twitter account into the rainforest of information you see before you. Gardening columnist for the Sunderland Echo, Shields Gazette and Hartlepool Mail and editor of the Teesdale Mercury Magazine. Attracted by anything rebellious, exotic and nerdy, even after all these years. Passionate about northern England and gardens everywhere. Falls over a lot.

How to care for Poinsettias

World Poinsettia Day, December 12 More than six million Poinsettias are sold every year in the UK, most to die a slow, horrible death, mostly...

Why it’s best to plant tulips late in the season

Don't worry if you haven't planted your bulbs yet... Like most seasonal stock, shops get tulip bulbs in ridiculously early, often persuading the beginner gardener...

Trio of new tomatoes from Burpee Europe

Sweetness and disease resistance combined Burpee Europe, which develops new tasty, disease-resistant vegetables for use by home gardeners has three new tomato varieties available for...

Filthy revelations of a gardening writer

Total fail when it comes to 'horticultural housework' under glass... I'm a disgrace and thoroughly ashamed of myself. For the first time ever, I haven't...

Potted dwarf hollies from Lubera

Tiny Ilex make ideal festive gifts Looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a gardener or for decorating your home? These lovely little hollies, Little Pirate...

New Alstroemeria, Dahlia and Salvia from Thompson & Morgan

Bursts of colour to brighten borders and pots Five new plants have been unveiled by Thompson & Morgan for its Spring 2020 range. Alstroemeria Summer Paradise...


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