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A mine of useful information

Tyre table
Tyre table bought from Harrogate Spring Flower Show

Welcome to the Miscellaneous section – or rather, a rag-tag of oddments that don’t really fit under any other headings.

However, dismiss them at your peril – there’s a lot of useful information in here, not least my lists of useful links, compiled over my time as MandyCanUDigIt and as a lifetime of gardening before that.

You’ll find suppliers of plants and seeds, sundries and art and not just any old company gets in there – I have to have had dealings with them, and positive ones at that.

I speak as I find – if a company’s been unhelpful or products haven’t worked, then they’re not on the list, as an over-zealous doorman might say.

Some people may not like my inclusion of the big seed companies, but every firm has its place – the information’s there for you to use.

There’s also a couple of articles on soil pH testing and compost you might find useful, in a ‘worthy but dull’ way, as we used to say back in my newspaper days.

Then from the sublime to the ridiculous (one of my favourites) – plant folklore and a subject, I’m sure to add to in the future. We have a lot to learn from our ancestor’s methods – they didn’t have the technology or chemicals we have.