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Perennial plug plants

Plug the gaps with bargains to fill a garden

I can’t resist a gardening bargain and when I saw a 24-hour Twitter offer for 36 herbaceous perennial plug plants for £1.99 plus postage from Thompson & Morgan, in late 2015, I couldn’t help myself.

Perennial plug plants are a great way to fill a garden cheaply, especially if you’re not confident about growing from seed – half the work’s done for you.

I had no permanent positions for the plants when they arrived, but that’s never stopped me before. As sure as eggs are eggs, spaces magically became available with a new bed to fill and the revamp of an old one.

There were six of each variety:

  • Verbena bonariensis
  • Coreopsis Golden Joy (actually seven of these)
  • Foxglove Dalmatian Mixed (one dead in transit, one succumbed to Storm Desmond)
  • Sweet William
  • Salvia Blue Queen (one of these died too)
  • Achillea millefolium Cassis (yarrow)
Sweet William
Richly coloured Sweet William flowering in the border

I potted them up in multipurpose compost in ever-handy yoghurt pots and they spent the winter in the cold greenhouse. This became progressively colder after Storm Desmond smashed in the greenhouse and scattered most of the pots to the four winds.

All except the Salvia, which is a bit tender, were hardened off in late March and planted out in April. The Salvia went out after the last frosts in May.