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I’ve had more than 30 years of experience in journalism and publishing, mostly in the regional press, before working as a freelance.

Editing, page & website design, proofreading

I’ve been in charge of production on several daily and weekly newspapers, including the Sunderland Echo and Shields Gazette, and have edited magazines and special publications.

I am editor of the bi-monthly TM Magazine, the sister publication of the Teesdale Mercury. I also proofread high-end North East food magazine Savour.

MandyCanUDigIt gardening page
My weekly gardening page in Johnston Press NE newspapers

It fascinates me how different principles are needed to get the best out of various media, from newsprint to glossies, posters, websites and social media.

I can recommend what you can and can’t say in adverts; what looks good and what doesn’t.

I’ve also been a proofreader for many years. If you already have your publicity material or editorial designed (or you’ve written a book), I’d be happy to proofread it for you.

In horticulture? Boost sales on social media

Bill Docherty's Nursery and Plant Centre
Growing in the real world… Bill Docherty’s Nursery and Plant Centre, Lamesley, Gateshead

It’s bad enough setting up a website for your nursery without having to constantly update it. You’ll be far too busy growing in the real world than in a virtual one.

And then there are various types of social media – it’s a great way to get new business – but where do you start? You may as well just have a card in the corner shop window if you have a static website.

Make sure that ‘content is king’, up-to-date and ever-changing and you’ll rise up the Google rankings.

Research shows people really can’t be bothered to look for specialist services for too long. I can provide tailored editorial to match your firm’s needs.

Specialist companies thrive on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ – a vast network of ‘word-of-mouth’ free advertising.

As a specialist journalist in horticulture with columns in the Sunderland Echo, Shields Gazette, and Hartlepool Mail, I can write reader-friendly articles, constantly update your site and promote it through my own social media accounts. What you want to spend is up to you – once a season, monthly, fortnightly, weekly, even daily updates. It’s a cost-effective way to make sure your company is a market leader.

 Advertising on www.mandycanudigit.com

Harperley Hall ad

It’s simple, cost-effective and reaches your niche target audience, with a choice of sizes and times – if your business only needs an advert in the summer months, then that’s all you’ll pay for.

The ads are non-intrusive, ethical and are placed on a page that’s just right for you.

Supply your own artwork or I’ll design an ad for you. For prices and packages, fill in the form below.

Freelance copywriting, blogging & expert advice

Tomatoes and peppers
Cutting the cost of supermarket shopping… grow your own

The worlds of horticulture, food, and ecology are changing rapidly. Global economics, with the UK leaving the EU, will have a massive effect on our food and gardening industries. I research the latest trends to inform and educate readers about how they will be affected.

I’m a gardening expert for www.primrose.co.uk, advising customers on often very specific queries and promote Primrose’s excellent gardening app, https://gardens.primrose.co.uk/.

I’ve also written horticultural copy for  www.greatlittlegarden.co.uk, www.shedstore.co.uk, theschoolrun.com and was involved in the national launch of non-alcoholic drink Zeo.

As one of the Glee 2018 bloggers, I wrote a series of blogs based on gardening for health and wellbeing, children and beginners.

I also work as a copywriter for www.tesco.com.

MandyCanUDigIt picture usage

The photographs on this website, unless otherwise credited, are the copyright of DigIt Media. Any unauthorised usage will result in a bill, so please ask first.


Gardening expert, copywriter, app promoter: www.primrose.co.uk.

Editor: TM Magazine (Teesdale Mercury).

Blogger/copywriter: www.tesco.com, www.greatlittlegarden.co.uk, and www.gleebirmingham.com, www.shedstore.co.uk, 

Gardening columnist: Johnston Press’s Sunderland Echo, The Shields Gazette, and Hartlepool Mail: www.sunderlandecho.com/gardening and  https://www.shieldsgazette.com/lifestyle

Page design: Teesdale Mercury.

Proofreader: Savour Magazine.

Oh, and editor, designer, writer, owner and dirty cup washer: www.mandycanudigit.com.

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